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Angel Tree


At Christmas, Poplar Tent Church reaches out to needy families in our community.  Through our angel Tree program many families are helped at Christmas.  Our needy families received gifts of clothes, toys, and a week's worth of groceries. In some cases, furniture is purchased, whatever the family needs the most.

All the work that is put into this project is appreciated by the families and the school counselors.  The Church Families who do deliveries know.  Appreciation comes in the form of the older Hispanic gentleman whose only English words you hear are "Thank you, Thank you."  Gratitude comes from the single mom raising three little girls and working full time who had held up through unloading Christmas gifts but breaks down as she can't believe the 15 bags of groceries that have covered her kitchen table.  Thanks comes from the school counselors who tell us, Poplar Tent is the Church they can count on to help out.  You see, the families the counselors can't match with churches and other community groups are  helped by the school staff.  You see they make sure each child gets a suit of clothes and a toy, that's all, they want to make sure everyone gets something.  It's known Poplar Tent will come through and do more than the counselors require.

Angel tree is truly a church wide effort, from buying toys and clothes to doing deliveries, to donating food, sorting gifts, buying and sorting food, working with the school counselors, donating and deliveries beds.