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Bill Jamieson's Medical Mission trip to Honduras

I was part of an extraordinary team that went to Honduras on a medical mission to aid the people of that country. The group was the Honduras Baptist Medical Dental Mission. Their local home base is in Gaston County.

We left from Charlotte and traveled to San Pedro Sula via New Orleans, LA. We arrived in San Pedro and stayed in a mission house the first night before leaving the next morning. On Saturday morning, we left the mission house for an approximately 7-hour bus ride to the western part of Honduras in the mountains to a village called San Manual.

The first part of the bus ride was on paved highway, however the second part was on a dirt road. We arrived to the village of San Manual late in the afternoon. We spent the rest of the day moving our supplies into the old school in the middle of the village. It was decided that we would see medical patients in the old school auditorium. The dentist and pharmacist set up in a building adjacent to our auditorium.

While we tended to those who needed medical care, we had ministers and laypeople that tended to the spiritual needs of the people of San Manual. We had church services set up nearby and we also had a children's church especially to serve the needs of kids which included puppets and stories.

We began seeing patients on Sunday morning, Sept 1st. We saw patients from about 7:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon. After seeing patients we would eat supper around 6:00 in the evening, then attend church with the local folks from 7:00 to 8:30 or 9:00. We would do this each day while in San Manual. The weather there was quite temperate. It would be humid during the day. We would usually get a rain shower in the afternoon around 3:00, then it would rain pretty hard for a couple of hours in the evening. (Usually when we were walking to or walking back from church service)

One of my fondest memories of our trip occurred on the last night in San Manual during our church service with the local church members. We presented the minister a Spanish language Bible signed by all the team members. He started to break down and cry. He said he felt bad because we had come to town and provided medical care, witnessed the Good News to his village and had given so much and he had nothing to give us in return. We explained to him that he and his village had given more to us than we could ever give back, they welcomed us into their town with open arms and provided a spiritual love and warmth, broad smiles, and not to mention some very good memories that would be with us for a lifetime.

We returned to San Pedro on Thursday afternoon and flew back to Charlotte on Saturday September 6th.

We had 45 dedicated people on the team, which included doctors, nurses, paramedics, dentists, pharmacists, interpreters, ministers and lay people all there for one main purposeÉ to serve God through mission work. It was truly an honor to serve the Lord in such a way.

The following are some numbers for our trip.

Medical Patients 1,991
Dental Patients    367
Teeth pulled    700
Sutures      11
Eye Glass patients    603
Eyeglasses provided    570
Sunglasses given out    400
Eye drops prescribed    603
Pharmacy (prescriptions)      6,868
Children's Church    662
Church Services      16
Professions of Faith      53